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01 August 2012 @ 08:59 pm
Okay, this is the last single review before I am completely up to date with reviews. 8D Ah... We Can Sing A Song is such a lovely PV with the beach scene and lovely smiles... Unfortunately, I don't really like the song. D: Don't know why I can't get into it. =/ After watching the PV multiple times, I'm finally warming up to it though. =X Bleh, I'm sure with time I will soon love it. Sadly, I can't listen to the song without watching the PV.

Good thing is, unlike Still Love You, We Can Sing A Song has very lovely covers. *o* Such lovely covers, pictures, PV shots...with an okay song. =[ I feel so guilty for disliking it but I sincerely love the PV. D:

Nissy's first solo part is probably the best part of the song. Followed by the other solo parts since I don't really like the chorus. DX Anyway, other than Nissy's attire, he's awesome in this PV. =D

Misako looks pretty in this PV. =D Love her beach clothes and everything. =D (Yay for Misako and Chiaki interaction scenes!)

Naoya looks jolly and happy in this PV. Very nice to see. =D No shades for this PV even though it's a sunny day, yay! XD

Hidaka's rap part reminds me of the rap he did for Sunshine. XD Unfortunately, because of that, his rap part doesn't really stand out for me this time around. Still lovely to see him smile though. =D

Shuta needs to keep this hairstyle. D; He looks better with it in the Still Love You PV but he looks awesome here too. X3

Shinjiro's opening scene made me think he was Nissy for a second. XD Nissy from the older videos, that is. XD Anyway, Shinjiro is adorable in this PV.

Chiaki's hairstyle changed in the last scene. =O Nice solo parts and cute hairstyles! =D


The PV is awesome but not so much the song. D; Such a pity. Hopefully the next single will have a great PV and song!

In terms of songs: Still Love You>STEP>Charge & Go>Call>We Can Sing A Song

In terms of PVs: Still Love You>Charge & Go>We Can Sing A Song>Makenai Kokoro>Call

Out: Paradise (song) and STEP (PV); Daiji n Koto (song), Paradise (PV); Makenai Kokoro (song), Daiji na Koto (PV); No Cry No More (song), No Cry No More (PV)

Annnd now I'm officially up to date with all the single reviews. 8D /pats self
30 July 2012 @ 11:54 am
Sooo... I finally have time to finish my Still Love You review. XD I'll be having fairly packed days very soon due to internship and work so I might be delayed. Trying to get many things done before those days arrive. D: How I already miss being only a student. D: Anyway, side note, I pre-ordered Hunger Games the movie. =D You guys should totally read the books if you haven't done so already. Such a great series. *o* Ahem. Anyway, back to AAA.

Still Love You is definitely one of my favorite current AAA PVs. =D Awesome choreography and song. Love the changing angles and the dance. Wish there was more of a background but it's okay, still very nice to watch. I remember re-watching preview of this PV multiple times when it first came out. Good times. XD

Nissy's solo scenes in the second half of the PV are amazing. Especially love the part where he tries to reach out but the group blocks him. So cool. *o* Oh and he wore nice clothes this time too. =D

Misako danced nicely in this PV. XD Her hair and outfit are also nice. Don't really like the makeup very much though. DX

Naoya and his hat forever. XDD I like his solo shots and attire. =]

Hidaka's rap part is amazing like usual. I like his second rap part more than the first part though both are really good. =D

Shuta looks good in this PV. =DD I actually like his short red hair. XD Reminds me of some high schooler in J-dramas. XD Love his solo part! *o*

Shinjiro's solo part is great. =] Not liking his clothes this time around though. D:

Chiaki's style in this PV is nice. I actually like the hairstyle, she usually always looks good with any hairstyle though. XD Nice outfit too. =]


Overall, awesome PV and song. Definitely one of my favorite ones. =D PV especially. XD

In terms of songs: Still Love You>STEP>Charge & Go>Call>No Cry No More

In terms of PVs: Still Love You>Charge & Go>Makenai Kokoro>Call>No Cry No More

Out: Paradise (song) and STEP (PV); Daiji n Koto (song), Paradise (PV); Makenai Kokoro (song), Daiji na Koto (PV)

Even though the PV and song are awesome, I didn't buy the single because the covers look ugly. =[ If they created better covers, I would've bought a single. =[

Next is We Can Sing A Song!
25 July 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Yes, I am spamming you guys with my reviews since I'm late and I have the time to write them now. XD Charge & Go is actually a really nice PV and song. I even like Lights from this single. I think "Lights" is like the slower version of "Charge & Go" though. XD I like how everyone got to wear two attires for the PV so for their individual pictures, I sorta crammed two pictures into one. XD I think everyone generally looked better in the darker version than in their more colorful counterpart. However, colors look better so it's hard to choose which is the best. XD

I like the dance in this PV actually, it's pretty cool. Definitely beats the middle dance in Call in my opinion. I also really like how they divided the group with Nissy and Naoya starting, then Shuta and Chiaki, Shinjiro and Misako, finally, Hidaka by himself. It's a more unique approach compared to the other PVs. The ending with everyone's smiling faces is a nice touch too although they've done it before. Can never get tired of AAA's smiling faces! =D

Nissy's sad look at the beginning of the PV made me wonder what he was singing. D: Also made me think I was watching a drama of his for some reason. XDD His colorful outfit is nice too. =D

Misako definitely looks better in the darker version than the colorful version. XD I'm not too fond of her makeup in the colorful version but I do love her attire. =D Good hairstyle to match it too.

Naoya is without shades! Yaaay! Like Nissy, I also prefer him in his more colorful clothes. I like when he got his solo angle shots, the effects look good when he angled his hat in certain ways. XD

Hidaka is always hardest to take a screen shot of because he keeps moving. XD I looove his rap in this and in "Lights"! He never fails. XD

Shuta's hair wasn't that great in the PV but it wasn't very bad either. I think his voice and dance moves made up for everything. XD

Shinjiro looks like his normal self here. The clothes aren't too strange this time on him. Nice happy smile at the end. =D

Chiaki's hair in the colorful version is awesome, don't know what you guys are talking about. D; I love her eye makeup too, it really pops up. Her hair is adorable and her dress is fashionable. She also looks nice in the darker version. =]


The song really reminds me of winter for some reason especially "Lights," haha. I like it. Although the PV's background is pretty plain for the most part, the dance and song make up for it. The cover, on the other hand...not really liking its empty background. XD

In terms of songs: STEP>Charge & Go>Call>No Cry No More>Makenai Kokoro

In terms of PVs: Charge & Go>Makenai Kokoro>Call>No Cry No More>Daiji na Koto

Out: Paradise (song) and STEP (PV); Daiji na Koto (song), Paradise (PV)

Didn't realize I have already uploaded the scans before. XD Next is Still Love You!
25 July 2012 @ 02:00 am
Haha...my winter break is almost over and now I post. D; For some reason I've been trying to avoid posting about this specific PV. Not sure why. D: I'm sure it isn't because I felt this was a bad PV though. I guess it's because I was kinda half way through the screen shotting process months ago so I'm not too excited to write about it now anymore. Well, anyway, here's my review of the PV and song. And hopefully, you'll be seeing my thoughts on Charge/Go soon too. XD

No longer true. D; I'm so behind. Anyway, on to the review. I almost forgot I bought this single. XDD


Nissy's attire could be better but he still looks handsome here. I definitely like how he sang his second verse of the song. ;D The fact that he smiles a lot here makes it more enjoyable to watch. X3

Misako looks pretty in this video. I love her hair and dress. =D Nice smiles from her too. =]

Naoya's shades need to go. D: Really. It's cool he was able to start the song this time though. Good entrance scene. =]

Hidaka's attire probably looks the best out of the guys in this PV. XDD Just not his pants so much. DX Love the rap as usual though. =]

Shuta had a good amount of screen time this time around so that's great! Liking his hair here more. XD

Shinjiro looks absolutely adorable in this PV, haha. Good screen time.

Chiaki has a cute dress here. Didn't really like her hair in some scenes but everything else was good like usual. =]

Cute dance moves by everyone. This is probably the closest to a storyline PV we will get for a long time, haha.

I really like the song, the chorus is nice. =D Hmm... I think I'll give it a high rating due to the song and the "attempt" at a storyline. I love seeing the smiles too, makes me happy. =D Since I'm too lazy to compare ratings from the past, I don't think I'll give a number rating anymore. D; Good single though.

In terms of songs: STEP>Call>Makenai Kokoro>No Cry No More>Daiji na Koto>Paradise

In terms of PVs: Makenai Kokoro>Call>No Cry No More>Daiji na Koto>Paradise

Out: Paradise (song) and STEP (PV)

As for my single, I've scanned the stuff I got. Stuff you guys have already seen since this single is fairly old now. DX I scanned them when I first got them but never got around to doing this review. D;

Unfortunately, my printer cut out a lot of parts too. =[[ Sorry to the members that got cut off due to crappy scanner. D':

Yup, two group cards. D: I still like them though. XD But anyway, done with this review, on to Charge/Go next. =D
24 July 2012 @ 09:50 pm
I believe I am back. 8D It has been a long awhile but I finally decided to bring this LJ back to life when I pre-ordered the newest AAA album. XDD I should thank silystya for the extra push via Words with Friends, lol! Anyway, I'm also very tempted to buy the cute little panda pens from YesAsia. D: Along with the posters of course. ;D Bleh. Kinda broke from the purchasing of the album though. Not sure how chiby83 could buy so many AAA things at a time. XDD But props to her!

This will probably be my only post without pictures. =[ And noooes, looking at my inbox, I notice I missed many birthdays! DD': So sorry, guys! Will try to catch up on everything soon!

I also noticed I have started on my Call review but never finished it. D; I should feel ashamed. Not as ashamed as silystya should feel though.

Happy to be back! =D
28 December 2011 @ 02:06 am
Omg, it has been absolutely forever since I've last made a post here. Ugh, such bad habits! I was really involved with my finals and everything though so that's a very good reason why I became more inactive on LJ. Sorry! I finally got a chance to scan and take photos of some of my recent AAA purchases. Well, they're not very recent anymore but they're the last few things I've bought from AAA.

Speaking of AAA, I don't think I'll be able to buy things from CDJapan anymore! They're too expensive. I should now just wait till they're available on YesAsia since I'm so broke now. =[ So sad. D: And I really wanted to get Chiaki's photobook too. D: Siiighs. I guess once I find a good paying internship I'll be able to do that.

In the meantime, here are the posters I bought awhile back from AAA.

Nice, huh? =D I agree! Look at my awesome wall now! =D

And here are the scans of the booklet that came with the Buzz Tour DVD. I'm sure you've all seen it already but since I've scanned them, I thought I might as well share them too. XD

And here are the cards I got from it.

Also, here are the cover and card scans from the single Charge Go/Lights.

Everything I received:

Anddd that concludes my post. =D Still haven't gotten a chance to do those reviews yet though. DX Will definitely get around to them since I'm on break now. =D Anyway, in case I don't make a post before New Year's, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE to you all lovely people! =D And hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! =D
27 September 2011 @ 01:58 am
Soo, like promised, I've taken photos of my AAA Calendar to share with you guys! I think the calendar is very lovely! I'm so jealous of the people who were able to get the mini-calendar too. DX Sorry for the camera flashes though. XD

Here they are!

Haha, this is a very short post since I really need to head off to bed now. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! My next post will definitely be the review of Call. XDD
24 September 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Hey, guys! Been awhile aaaagain! I've been meaning to post a long time ago with the Call review but never really got a chance to review it yet. DX Oh, well, will do that soon! I got my Best Album a long time ago too but never really got a chance to share the scans with you guys. XD I'm sure most of you guys bought the album though so that's really good of us! We should always support AAA even if we don't live in Japan! =D Also, I was going to scan the magazine too but since the scans are already out, I'm not going to bother. XP Plus, this type of magazine isn't easy to scan without ruining the book in process. DX

Okay, here are my things!

It's so cool that both the album and the magazine gave me posters. *o* Speaking of that, can't wait for my posters from YesAsia! X3

Take a look at my wall now. 8D

Pretty awesome, right? =D I will update it again when my two posters arrive. X3

And now, time for the album booklet scans! In the order in which they come in. =]

Oh and I got the Hidaka card! =]

All in all, the album was pretty good. Since I got all the singles, not much was new to me. XD Oh well, supporting them anyway! =D Next up is my AAA Calendar! Look forward to that, haha. I also received that a long time ago but never really got a chance to take photos of it. Lovely calendar though! =D
11 September 2011 @ 02:45 pm
Dropping by to wish kwlvrdreams a happy birthday!

Enjoy your wonderful day! =D We need to chat on LJ more. D;
03 September 2011 @ 05:49 pm

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